Podu Stricat – Daniel, Calin and Sabin from Rasnov, Brasov

Welcome back to another episode of Humans of Transylvania. This time we will have the chance to learn about 3 guys from Râşnov, Braşov. These guys work together to promote the local values thru the Instagram page called @podu.stricat 

Podu Stricat - Daniel, Calin, Sabin from Rasnov, Brasov Transylvania Romania - Ardeal, Sibiu, Transylvania, Promovez tourist, erdely turizmus affarit studio

The first thing that people notice about the page is that its a kind of collecting page of your works. Please introduce yourself to the reader.

Dani (@danigiurgi):

I’m the youngest member of the group, even though I’m the tallest. Beginning with our childhood we spent a huge amount of time playing hide and seek in the forest and so everything began with our friendship. Since I was a child I was fascinated in survival, wild animals and spending time in nature. Now I’m in the army, working for the mountain troops and taking part in military competitions for them. So I guess that all the things that I was fascinated when I was a child came together in this job. I like guns but NOT hunting. I consider myself a tough guy but at the same time a nice one with a big heart! I think these two guys can confirm this.

Calin (@calinmurg):

Nature. It’s been always my passion since was a child. Growing near the forest made me wonder what’s after those threes, or where that path goes, or what’s on the next hill. Now I realize that interacting with nature gives you the calmness we all need these days. The human is nature and we must respect that. And don’t forget that.

Sabin (@sabin.corbos):

It’s true. This Instagram profile is a collection of visual memories of our little adventures. I’m just a bit upset that we didn’t start earlier with the photos, like we did with the adventures, back in our childhood. But I’m happy I have good friends, that share the same passions as I do.

What is the idea behind this page? When and why you started?

Podu Stricat - Daniel, Calin, Sabin from Rasnov, Brasov Transylvania Romania - Ardeal, Sibiu, Transylvania, Promovez tourist, erdely turizmus affarit studio
The idea is simple. We want to promote the places we enjoy most. And those places are mostly in nature, far away from people.

We started out of boredom, to be honest. We had a pretty large collection of photos from our previous nature trips and we decided to share them with other people. After that, people started to appreciate our work. That’s what kept us going.

We chose the name Podu’ Stricat ( Broken Bridge), because deep in the forests of Râşnov there is a place, that the elders used to call it like this. This place was one of our first “ discovered” landmarks.

 Everybody has its own unique way to capture the nature and the travels you do. How do you decide what to share with your audience?

We all have something to say about the photos we share. We each take photos on our trips and after, we gather at a beer and decide which ones are good.

What do you think that is the receipt of a good photograph?

Dani (@danigiurgi):

In my opinion, everything is about the light. The perfect photo for me would be with a mother bear and the cubs taken from about 2-3m away in a fir forest in the winter time. I know this is 99% impossible because everyone knows how a mother bear acts but who knows….maybe one day I will take this perfect shot and all the big Instagram profiles will repost my picture, including National Geographic!

Calin (@calinmurg):

Fog, larches and a bit of mountain. This scenery gives me an incredible feeling, something special for my soul. Maybe it’s a memory from the childhood.

Sabin (@sabin.corbos):

The secret ingredient is a sunset with its beautiful sky.


Tell us a little bit about Râşnov! Everybody knows the city form it’s “Hollywood” sign and the Medieval Fortress above. But I think there is more in this city. Tell me a few Ideas.

First of all, we aren’t that proud about that “Hollywood” sign, but it brings attention to the city.

We have a beautiful promenade called “Promenada Sissi”. It’s a walking area right next to the forest.

In Râşnov you can find the Râşnov Valley Cave, where from time to time, it holds some symphonic concerts.

Râşnov Gorge is also a good place to escape in nature.

For sports fans, we have the Winter Olympic Base. Here, people can watch ski jumping and biathlon competitions.

A few recommendations for some hood places where we are able to escape the city and go chill in nature?

At first, we have to recommend our neighborhood,” Promenada “, because it’s here where we started our nature adventures.

But we do also recommend “ Glăjerie Valley “, that’s where you could really escape in nature and be closer to the wilderness and the mountains.

Does taking pictures take you closer to people? Or at least you three in the team?

Sharing the pictures on our profile does take us closer to people. We were amazed when we saw that people really enjoy our work and that kept us trying more and more.

We already have a strong friendship, so for the three of us, taking pictures was just another passion that we share.

Let’s move on to talk about Transylvania. What makes it unique?

The history, the multicultural quintessence. And by that, we mean architecture, people, traditions.

Name your favorite city from The World!

Dani (@danigiurgi):

I don’t have a favorite city,  but I have favorite places from different cities. If you ask me, a place where I would spend the rest of my life I think it would be somewhere in Norway, but surrounded by Romanian people and all the people I care for. I think this is impossible so…the nearest place for my dream remains Râşnov.

Calin (@calinmurg):

I don’t have a favorite city. However, some European cities, especially those with medieval architecture, which are many. But I also like the Mediterranean feeling of the cities from Southern Europe. Anyway, I am talking about Europe, where the culture and the heritage are creating an astonishing environment.

Sabin (@sabin.corbos):

This is a tough question to answer because I didn’t have the chance yet to visit a lot of places. My favorite so far would be New York City. It doesn’t fit the theme, but I have some beautiful memories over there.

Name your favorite Transylvanian dish!

Dani (@danigiurgi):

I love to eat and I had the luck to grow in a Transylvanian German family. I have eaten a lot of dishes but one of my favorites is the “evangelisches Speck”.

Calin (@calinmurg):

Pork Knuckle with cooked beans. And served with Wild Pickled Mushrooms. Always a pleasure.

Sabin (@sabin.corbos):

As a  Transylvanian dish, I would say that the “Zup” is my favorite.

“Zup” is a mix between a stew and a soup, cooked outdoors at a bonfire.

Name your favorite page you think that is worth following?

Dani (@danigiurgi):

Every page that promotes Transylvania, Romania, culture, nature and beautiful things are worth to follow. The world is full of immoral things and I think that everyone who promotes beautiful and real values is worth following.

Calin (@calinmurg):

Unsplash. An extraordinary page, with lots of talented photographers from around the world. I really like what I find there, photos that send me to another place and time. Just google it and follow their Instagram page.

Sabin (@sabin.corbos):

Well, Podu’ Stricat of course. J I’m joking. There are a lot of people on Instagram that are worth following, with amazing photos, but if you love animals and mountain sceneries I say Aspen the Mountain Pup ( @aspenthemountainpup ) is worth the follow.

Finally, what place should everybody visit when coming to Transylvania?

Dani (@danigiurgi):

Everyone who visits Transylvania should spend at least 2 weeks in this magic part of the world. They should visit the old villages like Viscri, the castles, and citadels like Bran and Râşnov, wildlife and mountains like Bucegi and lakes like Sfânta Ana!

Calin (@calinmurg):

Rucăr-Bran Passage. Believe me, this place has a strong emotion. Look for the rural settlements, get lost in the mountains that surround the valley. Watch the night sky, experience the life here. I simply love this area.

Sabin (@sabin.corbos):

I feel like Sighișoara sends the most Transylvanian vibe.


You can find Podu.Stricat here:

Instagram: instagram.com/podu.stricat

Facebook: facebook.com/podu.stricat

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