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If somebody reads the last two lines of your description on Instagram, they find out that you are a girl with a passion (or even more) for Online Marketing from Cluj.

Please Introduce yourself in a few words, tell me a little bit more.

Corina Cluj Ardeal Transylvania Romania Erdely
It’s always a hard part to talk about me. My Insta bio sums up almost everything.  I have discovered online marketing 6 years ago and since then we are having a love relationship that grows stronger and stronger with every project I am working on. Another thing that occupies my mind day by day is the creation of simple yet chic outfits. Sometimes I am taking pictures of them and upload them to my Instagram profile.

What is your vision about the galaxy we live in? If somebody would ask you to tell them a few ideas about life, what would you say?

This is a great question. You have just asked the question I would ask someone of whose opinion I respect very much. I am always looking for answers to my day by day revelations. Sometimes, I am afraid that my mind will actually explode because of thinking too much about these issues.

Anyway, going back to trying to answer your question I would say that is pretty important to take the road of discovering yourself: take a break and listen to your thoughts, but also question your thoughts as often as you can, be aware of your feelings, and be spontaneous from now and then. Get the things you want, say the words you want and work as hard as you can to achieve the goals you set.

Corina Cluj Ardeal Transylvania Romania Erdely
“Inspired by simplicity”. Which feeling/impression was the one, that you can say, it changed something in your life?

It’s pretty peculiar…my thoughts are so complicated, yet I feel inspired by simplicity. I think I actually seek simplicity. I like simple people, but complicated conversations, I like clean outfits, but good accessorized ones.
The one revelation that changed my life was the fact that I became aware that I am fully responsible for my entire life.

A random recommendation/quote for the reader, to make his / her day a little bit better.

If you believed in Santa Claus for 8 years, you can believe in yourself for 5 seconds.

Corina Cluj Ardeal Transylvania Romania Erdely
When and why you started your Instagram page? What we can find there?

I have started it in the spring of 2017. I think New Year should start in spring because I feel much more creative on that period of the year, it feels like I am reborn every spring.
What can you find here?
You can find little things that make me smile and say: Oh-soo-lovely.

I saw that you have food/fashion and portrait (mostly you) photography published on your page. Which one do you like it the most?

Corina Cluj Ardeal Transylvania Romania Erdely
Which photo do I like the most? Hard to say because in a particular moment, all of them have awakened a pleasant feeling in me. But let me choose this one in my hometown.

What is your recommendation for a good Photograph?

Corina Cluj Ardeal Transylvania Romania Erdely
I still have to learn a lot about photography, but I can definitely say that a big must for a good picture is a good light. Then, it is important to surprise a particular gesture, look or even a feeling on a person’s face. I read somewhere that a woman changes her mood at least 34 times a day. This being given, I consider she would look different in at least 34 pictures. A good photographer would recognize all these different facial expressions and highlight the best of them.

I am inspired by some pages that I myself follow on Instagram and I found out some months ago that the pictures are taken by the lovers/ husbands of the protagonists. Great pictures. So probably a good photo of you is just a great mirror of what the photographer feels about you.

Favorite place on the planet?

Sunset on the beach, with a glass of wine in my hand, surrounded by my friends.

Corina Cluj Ardeal Transylvania Romania Erdely
We learned that you live in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania’s biggest city. What do you like the most about it and why?

I like the people which make the vibe of this city so young and restless 🙂

Which one is your favorite city/place in Transylvania and what is the best thing you can do here?

Definitely Sibiu. It Is my hometown and I have a strong connection with it. The first thing I can say when thinking about Sibiu is that is a cultural city, where you always find something to do.
Corina Cluj Ardeal Transylvania Romania Erdely

Why do you think that is important to know about Transylvania?

I think that people make a certain place better. Most of the foreign visitors I have been talking to were impressed by the Romanian people and the way they made them feel. Of course, we also have Dracula’s story, that will always be a good reason to make sure they will always remember Transylvania.

What do you like the most about the people and places from here?

Corina Cluj Ardeal Transylvania Romania Erdely
I like the natural beauty of the Carpathian Mountains and the calmness of the humans of Transylvania.

A recommendation for a foreign visitor in Transylvania?

Get accommodation in local’s house, the locals are very welcoming so your holiday will be unforgettable, for sure. Live an authentic day in Transylvania and I am 100% positive you will come back

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Corina Cluj Ardeal Transylvania Romania Erdely
Corina Cluj Ardeal Transylvania Romania Erdely
Corina Cluj Ardeal Transylvania Romania Erdely

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