112 Coffee and Co. Human + Human, from Târgu Mureș

The morning light hits you, it is time to start a new day, the smell of coffee flows through the house, you hear the coffee drops dripping into your cup… yes, I am talking to you, all the coffee lovers around the world. Zsigmond István and Dorin Ogelja has something for you, right from the heart of Transylvania. Specialty coffee. Sounds familiar? Even so, we will amaze you with what is hidden in a little town, separated from the rush of the city. Save the location and don’t forget to bring your company with, because one plus one is always more.

What is the story behind the coffee shop and its name?

We, Dorin & István, started as Office Caffe, and because of its success, in 2018 we decided to go bigger so that we can reach more people. With a hard working and really creative crew, we managed to create a brand called 112 Coffee and Co. The first step was to open a specialty coffee shop in Targu Mures. What is behind our name? Well, we all know that one plus one equals two, don’t we? So in the consciousness of this, we give air to that our coffee shop guarantees experience, a great place for personal rituals and occasion for socializing above a specialty coffee. Nowadays, with our complicated and chaotic lifestyle maybe our only relaxing, free moment is the one above a freshly made, steaming coffee. We’d like to make a real connection between people and coffee and with us, of course.  Our purpose is to encourage people to socialize and to have memorable moments at a well designed, clear-out, casual and familiar coffee shop. This is what 112 is about.

112 is the place, where the intimacy and probably the best coffee in town make the perfect combination so that you and your friends can have the best time with a cup of specialty coffee. And because one plus one equals two, we focused on people and coffee when opening the one and only specialty coffee shop in Targu Mures.

Why is 112 coffee & Co outstanding from the other coffee shops?

Our crew is not only making coffees, and that’s it. It’s about more, like paying attention on making the excellent coffee and using innovations. We pay a LOT of attention on this process from brewing to pouring it in a cup, looking for complexity, sweetness, and specialty. Six years of searching and monitoring we learned to respect the quality, and we try to give the best to our clients.

Selling the best coffee in town gives us the opportunity to have partners that are symbols of quality. Being sponsored by Aliat Auto by Mercedez-Benz keeps us safe and sound wherever we go. The place was designed by Ștefan Păvăluță who has an enormous knowledge of interior decoration. Because of him, we have a minimalist Scandinavian style and a perfect setting for socializing.

112 is a 100% brand of Targu Mures related to real coffee. It means local roasting which is available for our clients. At the same time, we are dealing with coffee machines that we deliver to offices or right at your home to those desiring for excellent coffee. Even purchasing green coffee beans is possible.

Our franchise is connected to the Transylvanian Barista Academy, the first institution that introduced the conception of specialty coffee in Targu Mures. I’m sure you all remember our coffee bicycle,  tastings organized for coffee lovers and courses for teenagers for archiving professional image experienced diploma. Our coffee shop is for changing Targu Mures’ coffee conception.

What is the coffee culture? What should we know about it?

For the first time, we give the opportunity for our population to try out a real specialty coffee from the first sip to the last drop of it, which respects the rules of contemporary coffee waves.  Our coffee shop is not just for the people who know what’s the difference between coffee and coffee but for the ones who want to learn the tricks of drinking coffee and brewing it.  Coffee is more than just a dark drink that is consumed from any kind of cup. Don’t believe me? Then visit us and let me amaze you. The address is George Enescu street, number 2, right in front of the county council, and a few steps from the county library. In other words, the coffee shop is right in the heart of the town, isolated from the chaos of the city. Here are some fact about coffee culture but you can read more about it on our website https://112coffee.com/ :

  • Drink freshly filtered water. Our system assures pre- and after filtering which includes the seven steps of Osmose.
  • Strike up your coffee with a spoon. I don’t want to destroy your coffee rutin, but you should drink it without sugar for feeling the real taste of it.
  • Take a sip of it. Try to imitate whistling and take a small breath, then blow it on your nose.
  • Leave it a bit. Try to play with the sip in your mouth, roll it showing it to all your taste buds. Pay attention at the texture of the coffee and on other aspects like acidity, sweetness,  after taste and characterism.
  • Take a sip again. This time with air. In other words, slurp it but modestly, of course.

*The steps are especially recommended for espressos and brews made of 100% Arabica coffee and consumed without milk.

You have a special event, what is it about?

The whole team is obsessed with animals, and almost all of us is an owner of dogs.  We all suffered from the perception of keeping the dog outside of the house, the coffee shop, its place is in the yard or on the street. So we came up with an idea last December that our coffee shop will be pet-friendly. Are you a dog owner and want a cup of coffee, but you’d like to go with your dog? You are both welcomed. Going forward with this idea we collaborated with the firm called PetPortrait.ro and created an exceptional day just for this purpose. It’s called Pup-up café which is organized monthly.  On those days pets are playing around, and people are socializing meanwhile, we pass round the hat for dog shelters.

5 go to tips for a great cup of coffee:
  1. Consume 100% Arabica coffee, specialties and don’t be afraid of exploring coffees from other regions and farms.
  2. It doesn’t matter with what method you brew it, because it’s always going to be great. If you try to keep a few rules.
  3. The best milk is the greatest milk. The more protein (min. 3,0 gr / 100 ml) and fat ( min. 3%) the better. But the result is the same with quality vegetarian milk too.
  4. Combine every cup of coffee with 200 ml of water.
  5. 1+1=2. One plus one is always more. Try to consume your drink with the company of a good friend.