Eszter György, designer from Miercurea Ciuc

If Miercurea Ciuc, then Delikates. If Delikates, then you are probably looking for a great bag or maybe the perfect wedding dress. This brand gives you accessories right from the bottom of nature, capturing little aspects of it, setting together into a bag or a dress. These things should be your ally, so that is why Transylvanian people choose Delikates whether going to a festival, or to a trip and even to the altar. Curious why? Eszter György tells everything.

What is the story behind the brand and its name?

The story of the brand goes back to my university years when I created bum bags. I was thinking of naming them and back then I was obsessed with the band named Amorf’s evils. One of their songs is called Delikat which inspired me so I combined with my name (Delikat+es from Eszter) and there is where Delikates comes from. I was creating alone, but after moving to Miercurea Ciuc, my friend Szász Emőke helped me out. She finished design college too and now she is one of my joint owners and co-workers. Together we designed our first wedding dress and then we had several orders for occasional dresses. At that time the two of us did everything from designing, creating to administrating, but today our team has grown.

What is Delikates about?

Our all in one Delikates brand split into two separate brands three years ago, Delikates Accessories and Deikates Couture so that the communication is easier. The first one is about bum bags, backpacks, raincoats while the other one is about the wedding and occasional dresses.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I would separate the sources of inspiration in two, too. Some things inspire me in designing bags, accessories, and others in creating dresses. In the case of bags trivial and everyday problems, strugglings inspire me a lot so that I can come up with a solution that gives functional but good looking and fashionable bags. I’m trying to make life easier while I’m keeping it stylish. When I’m thinking of the material, little aspects capture me like the colors of the season, the texture of nature and my kids’ drawings. Creating dresses is well connected to the client, I can assume that our dresses are mainly inspired by the customers. Luckily we have awesome brides, their motivation and creativity always give us good ideas. It’s clear that in the case of Delikates Couture, the comfort is necessary. I believe the aesthetic can’t go against comfort and functionality. Of course, Pinterest is a great platform, and I like to search upon it for international trends and my favorite designers’ dresses.

What is the secret of a great bag?

From my point of view, a great bag is practical, it’s easy to maintain and to keep it clean, but it’s beautiful and fashionable at the same time. It depends on the person, but the most important thing is that the bag reflects your personality.  I was dreaming of my own material for bags a few years ago, and since we have it, we have no limits in creating. It guarantees that our bags are unique and helps to think of building collections.

Why is outstanding the cutting of the brand?

Creating my own cutting was the most beautiful and hardest thing to do for both of the brands. In the case of Couture, we have been collaborating with a firm specialized on this, but it didn’t work out that much so we experimented the cutting for the collection. It was a big step, beacuse last season was the first time we did a collection on dresses and not just doing the orders. Through a collection, we have the opportunity to show our creativity, and to really reflect our brand. Assuming this, the brides can make their own dress by selecting and matching the skirts with the tops from our collection. Designing a whole new and unique dress is a premium category now.

Have you ever refused an order and if so, why?

Yes, of course, we had orders that we refused to do on both brands. Nowadays we try to avoid personalized bags because creating a whole new cutting is time and energy consuming. It’s hard for the customers to understand this because they don’t know what the process is.  Instead of, you can choose the color and the pattern. We refused orders on the Couture line too. Once we had a bride, who came with a photo of a dress that was created by a famous designer. She wanted that dress exactly as it was in the picture. Well, we don’t do such things because we respect other’s work and there is no need to copy since it won’t be unique anymore.  But this was a specific case, we had orders where the dress didn’t reflect our brand, so it was rejected because of that.

Are you thinking about creating any new product lines, developing the brand?

There are always some new ideas, our creativity is working al the time. What we do know for sure is that starting from this spring we will launch raincoats for males. From the feedback, we saw that there is a need for it.  Of course, we have other plans too, but I can’t tell you about it until it’s not almost done. I’m a bit superstitious I think.

Top 5 go to tips on how to choose the perfect dress for yourself
  1. Keep in mind what you’re looking for
  2. For what occasion do you need that dress?
  3. Do you have something to combine with?
  4. Does that dress really represent you?
  5. Be sure that you’re not just going with the flow of the trends

A lot of time we just purchase the dress and leave it hanging in the closet because we don’t have accessories, an occasion for or simply we are not in the mood for it. Nowadays’ trend is the capsule wardrobe, and I agree with although I don’t feel grown enough for. I’m wearing costumes all the time, not in an extreme mode, but my look always reflects my mood. With a capsule wardrobe, I couldn’t make it. Still, I agree with Marie Kondo saying

Every clothing we buy should make us sparklingly happy.