Daniel Mariș Cristian, photographer from Târgu Mureș

Photography is so simple: take a camera, buy some lens, download a couple of applications for editing and done. There are so many tutorials on the internet teaching you how to edit, but maybe it is not just about fancy presets. Photography is the art of capturing moments, and for this, you need an aesthetic vision first. Pushing the shutter button is easy, anybody is capable of that, but Daniel Mariș Cristian is here to tell you some facts about why anybody cannot be a photographer.

Why photography?

I got the idea of photography around 2012 when I bought my first DSLR camera. Since I was little, I was interested in taking photos especially when I got my Sony Ericsson K750i which was a high-performance telephone back then.

What was the proudest moment in your career so far?

Maybe it was when I participated in the Analog Mania photo festival, and they posted several of my works. Besides this, a few of my photos were published in newspapers, on college expositions, websites and judged competitions. In 2018 I entered the art TDK with my photo session named Insight in the world of puppetry, and I won first place. This session became the theme of my state examination too, at the University of art from Targu Mures where I’m graduating.

How do you educate yourself?

I think that who’s occupation is photography is always developing.  I try to learn from every photo I take and from every mistake I make. This way I can develop my aesthetic vision because without it photography wouldn’t be art. My experiences helped me a lot. Every amateur makes the same mistakes and thinks that their work is valuable. I fell in these mistakes too and even when going deeper and deeper I didn’t want to realize that my work has no artistic value. Fortunately, time changes everything, and by constructive critics on forums, websites helped me go forward. Another method that I used is to ask someone you believe in to tell you what’s wrong with the photo and then try not to make the same mistake again.

What is the key to an amazing picture? On what picture would you say „Wow, that is amazing!”?

It’s style depending. As Ansel Adams said:

There are no rules for making a great picture, there are just great pictures.

Everybody decides what is suitable for themselves. For me, it’s essential that the photo has a logical setup which makes the viewer think about it and ensures that the picture is unforgettable whether it’s because of the composition, colors, characters or edit.

What types of pictures do you like to take and why?

I tried so many types of photography. If I have to choose only one for the rest of my life, it would be nature photography. Fortunately, I didn’t get in situations like this, and I hope I will never get because I love a bunch of types whether is a portrait, street, black and white, architecture, etc.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is Wes Anderson, an American filmmaker, and screenwriter. He had a big influence on me with his movies, the tones he used and his compositions that I tried to involve too. Underway, I formed my own style and gave a new meaning to my photos.

Which part of Transylvania would you recommend to travelers? Which part do you like the most?

I love every part on Transylvania because I live here and I was born here too. Of course, Târgu Mureș and its surroundings are the closest to my heart. Besides my favorite places are the Bözödújfalu lake, Teleki castle from Gornești, Aluniș, lakes around Poka, dendrology park behind the Bornemissza castle in Gurghiu and a lot more. So these are the places that I would recommend visiting and taking time there to relax by watching nature.

Are there any cliche places, that everybody goes to for taking some photos?

I think that cliche parts of Transylvania are where the tourism is sparkling. This would be Cluj Napoca and the surroundings, Sibiu, Colibița lake and a couple more that people visit just for taking pictures and selfies. There are no problems with this if besides selfies they would take valuable photos too for other motives than only posting.

Top 5 go to tips on how to edit correctly your photos:

Editing is just a tool for me, that makes my photos meaningful. So it’s a tool for me until it’s about colors, crop, and retouch.

  1. If there are a lot of elements attached, the real photo will be lost and becomes fake.
  2. Try to take the photo as good as you can with your camera already.
  3. Set the camera before, according to the location and situation.
  4. Pay attention to the white balance, the composition, and the light.
  5. Choose the right lens.

The editing style closest to me is the “lookslikefilm” that is inspired by old move cartridges and has a retro aspect. Another editing that became a mark of mine is the 2.35:1 sizing which was used in old cinemas. It really fits when taking panorama pictures.