Răzvan Capră, content creator for Junimea

I think I won’t break any laws if I say that the Instagram page called Junimea is Romania’s 9gag. Every community has its problems, inside jokes, faults, and stages to go through. Here is the page where you can share your thoughts about current situations using mems. You can recreate worldwide viral mems, but local faces are the best. If you are wondering about what is going on right now in Romania, I recommend taking a look at Junimea. It is better than the news on tv.

How would you define your Instagram profile named Junimea, for those who don’t know it?

First of all, the profile it’s not mine. It’s an Instagram profile for the entire Junimea community. I only manage it, with three other hard-working guys. Junimea is full of trendy, current, viral and funny posts. You can find there humor for every age, starting from school situations, through exams problems, to even ridiculous politicians.

How did it all start?

It all started on 25 March 2015 with my friend Calin Moldovan. We decided to create a group where people can share their funny stories. Our reward for them is making those funny stories go viral. We owned some viral Facebook meme pages at that time. And then, from a few hundred members, the Facebook group exploded, and we reached around 200,000 members. Also, our pages and accounts went bigger and bigger, and now, in 2019, we have a community with over 3 million fans over all platforms.

You are the one who creates the posts, or you just repost other’s funny pictures?

I am both sometimes. I am creating daily posts over our communities, depending on public trending topics. (Small life pro tip: Anytime you have a funny idea, write it down in a sticky note on your phone. I stored like that hundreds of ideas. Even though we have hundreds of people managing our pages and accounts, my job is still posting other members jokes/memes/funny stuff on our pages and making them viral.

Which was the funniest picture you have ever posted?

Honestly, I don’t know. At this topic, even if I would be subjective, I can’t choose one. Thou, one of my favorite, is a text joke – it might sound terrible in English: The culmination of a Hungarian: being Hungarian and being born December 1st.

How would you describe the people of Transylvania?

Probably they are the most relaxed people in the world. I’ll always prefer a trip through Transylvania instead of a trip to Bucharest. I’m proud of being born here. Talking with Transylvanian people it’s feeling really warm.

Besides Junimea, what do you do? What is your occupation?

Beside Junimea, I’m a developer. Precise, an iOS Developer. That’s what I’ve dreamed of: programming. The funny part came with a large number of hours spent on the computer.

Top 5 go to tips on how to create a meme or any funny content:

I consider that you need just 3 things:

  1. Originality
  2. Constancy
  3. Luck

Let me shortly explain these:

Originality: Yes, you need to be aware of trending topics, fresh ideas. Also, you have to be capable to combine different topics, meme templates, and to create unique meme concepts.

Constancy: You need to post regularly. Depending on the number of your audience, you should post at least one post per day. In time you should increase that number.

Luck: What does that mean? Means that you make your own luck. That means that you need to know where to post your funny content and to know your viewers. You can’t post football stuff to a group of girls. Also, you need to feel the audience and trending topics. The sooner, the better – sometimes even 10 minutes can separate you from virality.