Kávási Sarolta, influencer from Târgu Mureș

Today’s leaders are mostly the ones called the influencers. Believe it or not, it means a lot for their followers what they recommend, what they believe in, how they dress up because they incorporate a dream lifestyle. The catchy part of an influencer’s life is traveling and fancy clothing, accessories. But we only see the Instagram posting part forgetting that posting frequently great content is not that easy, especially when you are working as a general surgeon resident.

How did you start blogging? Where did the name and the idea come from?

The blogging started in the summer of 2011, after following other international fashion bloggers. We were always fascinated with fashion, so we thought this is a great idea to fill out our otherwise boring summertime, plus there were only a few blogs in Romania back in those days. We didn’t know what kind of name should we give it, so we decided to stick with fashion since that is the common ground between us, and added each of us something we love so much. I am obsessed with chocolate, and my sister loves coffee a lot, so we named it Chocolate Fashion Coffee.

How is being an influencer? How did you get your first „job”?

We never wanted to become influencers, plus this word wasn’t even famous back in those days. We just started blogging as a hobby, and never wanted to do it as a “job” since both of us had other career aspirations. After we started medical school, it got really hard to balance things out. We couldn’t post so frequently. But since our city is so small, people started recognizing us, sometimes even stopping us on streets and telling how much they love following us, and that our city needs someone to brighten up the fashion life. I wouldn’t call myself an influencer, but bringing change into society, breaking stereotypes and showing people that there is more to fashion than a black little dress is an amazing feeling. It gave me not only more confidence in life, but several people told me they also got more confident because of us.

How did this traveling lifestyle start? Where were you, what did you learn, how is comparing to Romania, where was the best?

I started traveling more after I got my Erasmus scholarship in Turkey. I wanted to use that semester to visit as many places as I could, not only in Turkey, but also its surrounding countries (like Georgia, Armenia, and Israel). Up till today, I have visited 35 countries, most of them in Europe. I have learned a lot about different cultures, how to plan a good trip, I got more confident in traveling alone, and I have met the most amazing people ever. After traveling so much, I realized that actually, even Romania has so much to offer (tourism wise) so in my last year of medical school, I tried to travel to as many places as I could in our country. Personally, I had the best experience in Turkey, probably because I lived there for two semesters. I love their culture and their food. I have promised myself I will go back every year to visit something new.

How can you handle all these things besides being a doctor?

After both of us started medical school, we realized it is so hard to keep up with blogging. When I have been to Turkey for the first time, I tried to blog and vlog about my experience, but I recognized it’s actually taking away a lot of time from me. So I slowly started posting less and less. Now, that both of us are working – my sister as a dentist and me as a general surgeon resident, we have stopped blogging completely since any free time we have, we like to spend it either with friends or relaxing. We try to keep up with Instagram these days, but even that is hard given our schedule.

Which city would you recommend from Transylvania for the travelers?

I always recommend travelers visiting Transylvania. Not only because I’m from there, but because I have met so many people who visited, for example, Bucharest and were completely disappointed. Best cities would be Brasov, Sibiu, Sighisoara, and Cluj Napoca (for students who want to party). I also tell my friends that the best idea is renting a car, and visiting all the famous villages surrounding these towns. If someone would like to stay for a longer period, I also recommend visiting Maramures and Transfagarasan, since both of them are such amazing destinations!

What is trending now in Transylvania? What is Transylvania’s fashion?

This is a really good question. I feel like there are two groups of people. The ones that like to be inspired by famous Romanian or international bloggers, so they will always wear similar clothes, and the people that already have their own style, and wear whatever they want.

Top 5 go to tips on how to be an influencer:

I think if you want to influence people, you have to decide in which category you want that. I don’t like it when fashion bloggers who have no education in healthcare start “influencing” people about how to lose weight or how effective the juice diet is and so on. Influencing people comes with a lot of responsibilities, so my advice would be:

  1. Choose a topic you are well educated in
  2. Always stay informed about the latest trends and discoveries
  3. Stay genuine to yourself
  4. Don’t go with the flow
  5. Never buy your followers, not even with weekly giveaways.